Post Angiogram Cases

In people who have coronary artery disease , the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle gets clogged with fatty deposits called plaques. These plaques can reduce the flow of blood to the heart muscle, which can in turn cause chest pain or discomfort, especially during exertion. There are two main types of treatment for people with this symptom, whose medical term is “angina pectoris”: medications (medical therapy) and interventional treatment (treatment that opens or bypasses narrowed coronary arteries). The goals of these treatments are to improve a person's quality of life and to alleviate symptoms such as angina. In some people, medications may also delay or stop the progression of the disease and thereby prolong life.

When it's a complication of the heart; be it an angiogram cases or any other critical surgery, Renew provides holistic rehabilitation to ensure increased mental and physical strength as well as an improved confidence and quality of life.

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